About us

Moneta Asset Management is an independent management company that is 100% owned by its managers and employees.

Our only business is equity fund management, with a resolutely fundamental approach.

Our team is essentially composed of managers and financial analysts who all share a passion for investment and company analysis. We like to think outside the box, to study companies that are neglected or misunderstood by other investors. Valuation and governance are key criteria in our assessment of societies; that is why we spend most of our time studying them.

Founded in 2003 by Romain Burnand, Moneta Asset Management,  leaded by Romain Burnand and Andrzej Kawalec, managed just fewer than €4.1 billion in five equity funds with a long track record at 31 December 2022: Moneta Micro Entreprises, Moneta Multi Caps, Moneta Long Short, MME 2026 and MME 2027.

Equity Investors

A focus on equity investment

Our range is deliberately tightened around 5 equity funds, our historical expertise and core competence.

We have always favoured fund performance over the growth of our assets at any price, as highlighted by the lack of diversification into other asset classes. This concentration on a single business allows us to devote all our time to perfecting our knowledge of companies, which are ultimately the driving force behind fund performance.

We are active and reactive managers

Work, experience, passion are all characteristics in which we find ourselves. But that's not all!

Above all, we are active, reactive and pragmatic investors: dynamically managing the weight of lines within portfolios according to market opportunities and without being constrained by a benchmark index, reacting to a publication, adapting a valuation model, changing our opinion on a stock following news... We strive to translate our analyses into management decisions as quickly as possible, thanks to the efficient organisation of management and trading teams.
Our vigilance on governance issues sometimes leads us to act.

Corporate governance is an essential criteria in assessing the companies in which we invest

When the situation so requires, we consider that it is our responsibility as a minority shareholder to work to improve the governance of the companies in which we are invested; it is a question of respecting our rights as shareholders but also of defending the interests of our unitholders. We believe that our actions have all contributed, sometimes significantly, to the performance of the funds we manage.

In figures

4Bln€Asset under management

29Staff members in the team

100%Independant ownership

5Number of Moneta funds

Moneta Multi Caps

UCITS Euro zone equity fund invested in companies of all size

Concentration of convictions

Moneta Long Short

UCITS European Long Short Equity fund with close to 40% market exposure

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