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Past performance does not guarantee future performance
Funds ISIN code Date NAV YTD 5 years Risk level
Moneta Multi Caps 28/05/2020 245.13 -16.3 % 4.7 %
Moneta Micro Entreprises 22/05/2020 1,017.65 -15.6 % 26.4 %
Moneta Long Short 28/05/2020 162.81 -8.4 % 0.5 %


Concerned about compliance with our government's recommendations on travel restrictions and containment measures, we inform you that we have taken a series of measures to enable our teams to comply with these measures while fully ensuring the continuity of our essential activities and the follow-up of our files.

  •     Moneta Asset Management has activated its business continuity plan and in this context has an organisation, technical means and a secure IT infrastructure that enables us to remain fully operational, to work remotely and therefore to continue to carry out the essential procedures necessary for the management of our funds.
  •     In order to ensure good continuity of services, it was foreseen that the majority of Moneta Asset Management's staff would work remotely with the technical equipment made available to them, the presence of a very small team at our head office has been maintained in compliance with government measures.
  •     These business continuity processes are an integral part of our technical and organisational arrangements as a management company. They have been regularly tested and are perfectly mastered by our teams, who can thus ensure their usual activities without major disruption.
  •     All business trips and physical meetings of employees are postponed, as they now prefer to work from home and use remote communication methods: telephone, video-conferencing, email, etc.
  •     We can all be reached by email and at our usual business or mobile numbers.

We wish to assure you of our total involvement and our full mobilization to continue to provide the best possible service.


Stock selection, a spirit of origin

We are committed to understanding by ourselves the companies we study in order to establish their true value.

Doing our own work analyzing companies allows us to go where others do not go, to free ourselves from passing trends and to be totally independent in our investment choices.

"We distrust companies in the air of the times. We prefer to go off the beaten track to find companies that have been abandoned by investors, and therefore poorly valued, either because their case is complicated or because their sector of activity is not fashionable. »

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27staff members in the team

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