Moneta Multi Caps

Concentration of convictions


303.54 €

Performance YTDsince 01/01/2021

+11.1 %


2,889 M€

Risk level


Value at 06/05/2021

Moneta Multi Caps is a Euro Zone equity fund mainly invested in French companies, regardless of the market cap (either large, mid or small caps), which can invest until 40% in non Euro Zone equities. Our selection process is based on a through analysis of companies that are picked according to their intrinsic qualities, without taking into account indices they are related to. This stock picking approach is based on in-house fundamental analysis and is the essence of our value creation, as we are able to convert it into relevant investment decisions.

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The quarterly view

by Romain Burnand

recorded the 1/7/2021

Evolution of Moneta Multi Caps D

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Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future performance. The fund and NR Index are capitalized. The fund performance is calculated net of any fees. For more information, including the risks involved, please refer to the prospectus and KIID document.

Compared performances

* launch at 03/06/2013
Data at 06/05/2021 YTD 1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years Inception* Annualized
Moneta Multi Caps (D) 11.1 % 53.2 % 24.4 % 62.9 % - 122.6 % 10.6 %
CAC All-Tradable (Net Return) 14.2 % 44.6 % 19.8 % 61.4 % - 94.9 % 8.8 %
CAC 40 (Net Return) 15.2 % 45.6 % 22.7 % 64.7 % - 92.4 % 8.6 %



Legal form: Ucits Funds
AMF classification: Euro zone Equity
Inception date: 02/06/2013
Valuation: Daily
Currency: EUR
Recommended investment period: 5 years
Custodian: CACEIS Bank
Fund administrator: CACEIS Fund Administration
ISIN code: FR0011495951
Risk level: 6 of 7
PEA eligibility: Yes

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* above CAC All-Tradable dividends reinvested, only if the fund's absolute performance is positive and with a HWM
Subscription fees: 1% max
Exit fees: 0%
Fixed management fees: 1,50% (incl. taxes)
Variable management fees*: 15% (incl. taxes)
Commissions of movement: None